CBG Event Space - DCL

Our event space is hosted in the Decentraland Metaverse, Decentraland is a decentralized 3D virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The 3D virtual space is divided into over 90,000 parcels of land which are organised into themed communities (Districts).

Through CryptoBatesGroup we are planning a range of events within our space. We'll be holding speaker presentations, hosting sponsor giveaways, crypto treasure hunts, helping attendees interact with event sponsors and showcasing crypto artwork.

Visit Us at -119, 80

Decentraland doesn't require any special software, it is accessible via a PC or Mac running Chrome or Firefox but isn't currently accessible via mobile devices. MetaMask is optional to enable additional features.


Our event space hosts a Speaker Hall, Exhibition Hall, Crypto Art Gallery, Hangout area and VIP area. In the space you also have the chance to listen to the awesome music of CryptoRaptor via our own Jukebox, take part in our Sound of Bitcoin project and find hidden treasure (Which will lead to free crypto!).

We are also working to integrate our CBE token into the event space. Users will be able to both earn and spend this token inside and outside of the event space (Online and at our physical events). Checkout our wallet partner Trustology and get setup with their wallet to be ready to participate in earning and spending CBE and exclusive sponsor giveaways.


CoinFestUK - Meet The Exhibitor - Satochip

Date: 3rd October - 12:00PM GMT

Event Video: On Vimeo

We are working with a range of sponsors, exhibitors and speakers to host similar events to the above, "Meet the" events, stay tuned! Our virtual CoinFestUK events aren't in place of our physical events!

Crypto Art Gallery - Meet the artists. Our 2nd Event

Date: 15th November - 12:00PM GMT

Event Video: On Vimeo

Crypto Art Gallery - Meet the artists. Our 1st Event

Date: 26th September - 12:00PM GMT

Event Video: On Vimeo

If you would like to watch our speaker presentations but don't want to take part in our Decentraland events, no problem! We'll be making all our speaker videos available via a dedicated Vimeo channel.

CoinFestUK Partners and Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors who have supported us so far! We are finalising some more sponsor graphics and these will be updated soon

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Further Developments

We are already working on further developments with our event space. Some of the new features in development include pay to attend workshops, designing and importing our Crypto Grabber project, art gallery auctions and rooftop terrace after-parties